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@Jack: British is no problem. Dr. Who is already on my list. If we go back to 60ies in earnest (and not just because the Dr. already ran back then), I'd also have to list The Avengers (both "in colour", and without). And then I could start with German TV shows like our Edgar Wallace series... let's not go there ;-)
Comment 3 by Jack Repenning Jack Repenning writes:

OK, it's British, not American.

OK, it's 60's, not 80's.

What? Is there no mercy here????
Comment 2 by Uli Kusterer Uli Kusterer writes:
@Peter: Not in Germany, sadly. All we have are some Pixar shorts... but Season 1's been out on DVD in the UK for quite a while, so I'll probably try and order it if I can find the time.
Comment 1 by Peter Hosey Peter Hosey writes:

FYI, The Incredible Hulk's season 1 is now on iTunes.