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Robert, I *was* talking about the cursor keys. The mouse control is so horrible I didn't try it for very long. But thanks, "I" and "E" are a nice way to lessen the pain.
Comment 3 by Jean-Daniel Dupas "If you don't have either of those, nor Boot Camp,"

Just buy a Wii, it will be far less pain than installing Vista, and will eventually be cheaper :-)
Comment 2 by Robert McGovern Robert McGovern writes:
You can avoid the Examine icon in the inventory by simply pressing the E key and I brings up the inventory.

WASD or Cursor keys make you walk around & with Shift you run instead.
Comment 1 by Andrew The "examine" control in the inventory didn't stand out enough for me to notice it. With the first map, I spent some time trying to combine it with other objects in order to inspect it, and ended up working my way through the jungle by trial and error. Guess how stupid I felt when my flatmate pointed out the examine control...