Copyright 2004 by M. Uli Kusterer Fri, 29 Nov -1901 11:06:32 GMT Comments on article blog-the-dangers-of-zerolink at blog-the-dangers-of-zerolink Comments witness_dot_of_dot_teachtext_at_gmx_dot_net (M. Uli Kusterer) witness_dot_of_dot_teachtext_at_gmx_dot_net (M. Uli Kusterer) en-us Comment 6 by M Gangadhar Thanks for giving valueable message i am very much suffering from this one.
now i solved linking the ABAddressBook framework.

Thanks and Regards
Comment 5 by Jean-Daniel Dupas I bet AESend return -1700 error. I already encounter this problem, and i think that's because the coercion handlers are automatically installed by the Carbon Frameworks when it loads. And it does not occured if you do not include it in your build settings.
I hope those problems are solved in Xcode 3.
Comment 4 by Brian Ray Brian Ray writes:
I turned zerolink off by default somehow. I can not recall how I did it, probably a similar script, but Mark suggests this:

-- Brian Ray
Comment 3 by Uli Kusterer Uli Kusterer writes:
Alex, Fix & Continue is dependent on ZeroLink, so turning off that one setting should get you both.
Comment 2 by Alexandre Each time I create a new XCode Project, I disable 'ZeroLink' and 'Fix & Continue' in the Debug settings. These settings caused me more troubles than they saved me time.
Comment 1 by Amrita Thanks, this info saved me a lot of trouble.