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Thanx for your kind words on ST(R). It was very strange for me when I learned the intent behind JMS's pitch. When I started talking about this back in late 2005, nobody had even mentioned the notion of doing a TOS reboot/remake/re-imagining (at least nobody I knew on Trekweb, and I know virtually everyone over there). However, when I did bring it up, I stirred up a hornet's nest; the more excitable canon-devoted sect fliped out on me. ;)

However, recently--due to Abrams plans for the next Trek movie and the scoop on exactly what JMS had pitched to Paramount--it seems that the idea of re-casting Kirk, Spock and Bones, and the TOS itself in some fashion, has started to gain acceptance.

What's that called when ideas, that are very similar, all occur around the same time?

Again, thanx for your recommendation. :)