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@CD: Yes, that's what I was trying to bring across in my second-to-last paragraph: It was intended as a catharctic experience for the author, and it feels that way. However, if you hear O'Barr speak about it, you find out that this sadly didn't work out for him.

The main intent of this review is that I wanted to make people considering whether The Crow is something for them realize that it is not like the movies, not a dark and desperate, but in the end still uplifting story. It is a desperate drawing of the author's soulscape, plus wish-fulfilment as a vent for his aggression in this situation. It brings that across perfectly, but it is not a dramatic story in the more popular sense.
Comment 1 by CD The story wasn't told to be an amazing piece of art. It was James O'Barr's way of coping with the death of his girlfriend. The Crow is his survivor's remorse and rage and being powerless to change things. It's not a superhero comic, it's anguish given form.