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Coda is pretty amazing. I'm a hardened BBEdit/Interarchy CSS/(X)HTML hand-coder with periodic journeys into Perl and Ruby, but I took to Coda right away. I even made several long-overdue changes to various sites simply because it was so easy, and actually went to bed that night looking forward to using it the next day (sad but true). I'll definitely buy a copy. I hope it takes off, because it deserves to.

I teach web design, and having separate software tools for specific jobs is something many students find challenging (particularly some, but not all, Dyslexic students); Coda addresses that issue really well, and makes me want to update my sites more often. Thanks for mentioning HTMLKit, too, I always need to find equivalent Mac/Win solutions for complete recommendations to students.

I'm sending in reports to Panic as I use it.