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Hello, nice article, and very nice work.
Just to told you about SPMPT which include Trac, svn server, and python in a package. It's an add-on to MAMP.
Comment 4 by Hwangbo Hoon And it's better linking your blog to the project on SourceForge.
It was pretty hard to find here.
Comment 3 by Hwangbo Hoon This is just what I've been found. Thank you man!
I wish you to continue upgrade this app more!
Comment 2 by Ruth Less Ruth Less writes:
Dude! If MAMP is Mac + Apache + MySQL + PHP...<br /><br />
... then what do you call Windows + IIS + MySQL + PHP?<br /><br />
WIMP! Muahahahah!
Comment 1 by Peter Hosey Peter Hosey writes:
Suggestion: Use something like $HOME/Library/SubversionRepositories for the repositories folder. This way, deleting and installing a new one won't throw away your repos.