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@Peter: Thanks, I corrected the mention of Adam. I never met Matt, but I had the fortune of meeting Adam at ADHOC (aka MacHack) 2004, so every time I read TidBits I see Adam in front of me, guess that got into the text.

@Alexander: Ooops. I'll fix that in a moment, sorry. I actually could have tried to talk to you as well. Jorris mentioned to me that he was hanging out with you guys, but while I remembered the domain name, I didn't put it together with the stuff you'd done at that moment, and at the ADA only your names were up, and not "Mek and Tosj", so I just thought: Where have you heard that name before ... :-S
Anyway, It's not looking like I'll be at WWDC next year, but you're on the same continent as me, so maybe other meeting opportunities will arise... Fully agree with you on the rest (well, I wouldn't have said "pathetic", but the rest of the rest).
Comment 2 by Peter Hosey Peter Hosey writes:
That's actually a Matt Neuberg post, not an Adam Engst post.
Comment 1 by Alexander Griekspoor "Student" ;-) Alexander Griekspoor "Student" ;-) writes:
Hi Uli,

Luckily for us the defence is still a month and ten days away ;-)
I did see you at the student sunday with the shirts you already presented before in your blog, it just didn't came from it to meet you in person, unfortunately there were to many other things going on at the same time. I just wanted to chime in and say that I fully agree with your post. Yes, security people were a bit harsh, but nothing too. They just did their best to make things roll smooth. And I personally witnessed that these people were specifically instructed to do so by people from Apple...
The food was indeed not too good, and yes the drinks much too sweet indeed. But those were the same as last year. People shouldn't moan so much, they just tend to forget that compared to two years ago there are about a 1000 people more crammed in the same space.. (and yes, you could notice that difference clearly this year). Also, what do people think organizing this thing costs, renting the building alone is enormously costly. Someone who I'm sure knows told me that Apple has to PAY a considerable amount of money per attendee to make this possible. While everyone thinks the $1600 dollars they pay (yes its a lot!) covers the costs. NOT! So if the number of attendees goes up from 3600 to 4200, that money has to come from somewhere right?
Anyway, I had a great time, and complaining about the latin on the t-shirt, come on, I agree with you, that's really pathetic.
Hope to catch you next time in person!