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2009: Geeks everywhere dance-dance revolutionaryly at work instead of pointing and clicking. Everbody laughs at them.
2010: Geeks grow more athletic and elegant each year. People stop laughing and go to the gym.
2011: You can tell a geek by his stealthy cat- and Matrix-like movements and his aerobics trained body. American Football players and Gangstaz are uncool because they can't navigate to a file and bluetooth it to a mobile while simultaneously dancing to the World of Warcraft theme.
2012: Nothing, of course. The world ends in 2012, you dork! Didn't you know that? (google for 2012!)
Comment 2 by Uli Kusterer Uli Kusterer writes:
Thank you, "Power Pad" was the name I was looking for. I've updated the article.
Comment 1 by David Steinbrunner Nintendo had the Power Pad.
For more info see here:
and here:

Microsoft's Step User Interface uses a "Dance Pad" that are used for Dance Dance Revolution games.
More info on that can be found here: