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Yeah. I was hoping to use this critter at WWDC, but without the ability to swap batteries midway through, that'll be less likely, particularly as it seems the time Apple specifies generally doesn't include much Wifi traffic or CPU load, both of which I have a lot of at WWDC when downloading and compiling sample projects. With the charging stations in the corridors, it was very convenient to drop off one battery when going into a session, and then swapping them out two sessions later.
Comment 6 by Mark Aufflick Mark Aufflick writes:
You're not the only one who has been waiting years for a Duo replacement, but USB, bluetooth pairing, power & video connectors - there's still no convenience replacement for the Duo Dock.

Not to mention the battery :( Sure - 5 hours is a heck of a lot longer than the 2-3 you used to get from the Duo, but with 3rd party fast chargers we used to keep a bank of batteries at the ready for travellers.
Comment 5 by Dan Can I use the screens of all other computers in range so when I walk in a room, you see a movie of my face yelling "Spatch! Spatch!! Nine Minutes!!" or something?

If not, what's the 144 megs of graphics RAM for anyway?
Comment 4 by Uli Kusterer Uli Kusterer writes:
I didn't find it on the product page, but in the little movie where 'john' explains the device, he mentions that you can even restart while using a Remote Disk. So, looks like one can reinstall the system that way. Good enough for me.
Comment 3 by Chuck The MacBook Air can use the optical drive of any computer you own. So as long as it's not your only computer, you don't need a separate, external drive.
Comment 2 by Ahruman Ahruman writes:
Actually, you can ignore my previous question. The product page knows all.
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