Copyright 2004 by M. Uli Kusterer Fri, 29 Nov -1901 11:06:32 GMT Comments on article blog-inform-the-new-clarisdraw at blog-inform-the-new-clarisdraw Comments witness_dot_of_dot_teachtext_at_gmx_dot_net (M. Uli Kusterer) witness_dot_of_dot_teachtext_at_gmx_dot_net (M. Uli Kusterer) en-us Comment 6 by Shane ONeill I am looking to purchase and old version of ClarsDraw for PC. I have very old ClarisDraw files that I need to print out from time to time.
I'd appreciate any help that anyone can be given.
Comment 5 by Jim Gordon I have a huge number of ClarisDraw files made from roughly 1995 through the present and have taken something like 18 months to import them into an old version (2?) of Intaglio, software that suffices but is not as good for my purposes as ClarisDraw. But, I do want a new Intel chip iMac to replace my horribly outdated 2003 floating-screen iMac stuck with OS 10.2.6.! I chose Intaglio because of it's importing capability and it's compatibility with the Intel chips. Now, can I hope for seamless integration with the latest version of Intaglio? If so, is there any reason I cannot (1) purchase a new iMac and (2) use the latest version of OS X (10.6.6?)?

Comment 4 by Joseph Rosario Joseph Rosario writes:
Thanks for the Intaglio tip! I've been looking for a OSX app to edit my old MacDraw Pro files for a long time.
Comment 3 by Uli Kusterer Uli Kusterer writes:
@Frederick: Well, if you need to convert the files, Intaglio really seems to be your only option. I just exported my stuff from ClarisDraw with an old version and then imported that into Lineform, but that only gives you the whole page as a single picture, so you can't really edit that stuff.
Comment 2 by frederick just upgraded to 10.4.7 (and still experiencing OS 9 > OS 10 shock)... so what do you use to access old MacDraw and Claris Draw files? FreeHand is our drawing app of choice (since vs 1) but I have scads of drawings and plans in CD that I'd like to access. I can use FH for new stuff, but none have the dimensioning capability that CD has/had.

nice blog btw...found it thru a google search for clarisdraw

Comment 1 by Joel Mochida I ahve ClarisDraw on disk and while trying to load on my Mac when I put in disk four the computer said the disk was another disk so I checked the disk in question and it was labeled incorrectly. I renamed the disk but the computer informed me that although I did change the disk name the disk was still incorrect. I am using or planning to use ClarisDraw on Classic 9. ClarisDraw was the last software and I started with "Draw" (not sure what it was called), then I went to MacDraw Pro and am looking for another program as flexible as ClarisDraw. You mentioned "Inform" so will check your suggestion out. Mahalo from Hawaii (Thank you from Hawaii) Joel Mochida