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Comment 4 by n[ate]vw n[ate]vw writes:
I'm guessing the <a href="">Newton eMate</a> would be a bit on the bulky side for you? The other issue is that I found mine easier to sync with Windows than OS X...
Comment 3 by John Labovitz I've been talking to a friend about tiny typewriters, too. Years ago I had one of these, and it was just about perfect:

Although you can still find them on eBay, the machines unfortunately have no concept of USB, so don't satisfy that requirement. They do run on AA batteries (forever!) which is especially good for traveling.

A more modern option would be the Nokia N800. This is basically a mini-tablet. I think you can connect an external USB or Bluetooth keyboard. They have proprietary batteries, though.

Finally, some folks have hacked OS X onto some of the tiny Sony Vaio UX micro-PCs, which would be nice. I'm sure the battery life is very poor, though.
Comment 2 by Uli Kusterer Uli Kusterer writes:
@ Amorya: Oooo... shiny! Yep, that "Neo" looks pretty good... up to six lines means one can probably view one paragraph at least, that sounds like a good start. QWERTY will be a bit tough (tried that at work because some colleagues told me it was easier for programming, but didn't really feel more efficient that way), and 512k is cutting it awfully close if I want to carry along reference material as well, and 910 grams is a bit heavy, but still, this is very tempting.

Though their "Dana" also looks pretty neat, although that's again more of a computer. Then again the price difference isn't that big, and weight and dimensions seem to be about the same, but it seems to have a bigger display... Darn, I can feel I'm being upsold again :-)

Thanks for pointing me at these, those look good.
Comment 1 by Amorya So you want one of these: