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Comment 7 by Art student Thanks for the tip with the nib, i use to use one aswell and nearly ruined one of my pieces
Comment 6 by Uli Kusterer Uli Kusterer writes:
@Marcelo: I have no idea. But usually the packaging says what frame's for what.
Comment 5 by

i buy the letraset A4 paper
thanks !
Comment 4 by Kiwi It is well written. I have this problems with a drying nib,
Comment 3 by Aaron Ballman Aaron Ballman writes:
And you still go back to it? LoL, that's scary. ;-)

Some day, I hope to get a tablet PC so I can start that comic series back up again. I just got tired of Gimp'ing it.
Comment 2 by Uli Kusterer Uli Kusterer writes:
Errr... should I admit that I already read pretty much all of those back when I first stumbled across your web site?
Comment 1 by Aaron Ballman Aaron Ballman writes:
Hah! Comics? I'll show you comics!