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I hope it was something else... my hard disk was pretty full, and while I never had anything as fatal as this, OS X never was very graceful when swap space got low, so that's my current guess. Concurrency issues would indicate a really severe problem, especially considering most modern Macs run several cores. The likelihood just increased quadfold ;-)

As to Disk Warrior, their site indicated they didn't have a version for Intel Macs yet, so I looked for alternatives. I'd rather extract the data without running the risk of damaging my file system even more, so Data Rescue seemed the next best option. Also, on a more emotional level, I rvaguely emembered having read complaints about Disk Warrior once, and DRII seemed familiar (probably from ads on VT or something).

Oh, and yeah, I love the shirts, too. I'm planning to make similar ones available via the Moose Spreadshirt Shop eventually, but it's a little complicated as they seem to have much stricter criteria on the dimensions of the image than my local shirt shop.
Comment 1 by Stephane Might be a concurrent disk access which caused the issue. It's not as if Mac OS X was free of bugs.

Couldn't Disk Warrior fix the problems?

BTW, nice T-Shirts at the WWDC.