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Afaik the driver doesn't tell you anything, because the "USB Mass Storage" profile is kept as abstract as possible intentionally. The OS just gets told "this is an USB Mass Storage device". Oh, and you also get some free-form "vendor" and "product" strings which can't be used for that purpose. So you never know if what's hooked up to your USB port is a stick, a hard drive, a digital camera, a mobile phone, an iPod or whatever. So I guess this icon idea will probably have to wait until the next version of the Mass Storage specification is released. :)
Comment 2 by Uli Kusterer Uli Kusterer writes:
Well, not sure switching on the size is good, I mean sizes get bigger all the time. We already have 4GB and 6GB Flash memory... I'd rather suggest using a more generic icon in cases where you aren't absolutely sure. I mean, shouldn't the driver be giving you some information on what it actually is? I'm trying to remember how much info USB gives you ... been ages since I did that in Systems Programming class.
Comment 1 by Scytale Scytale writes:
Well, Windows shows my USB stick as a hard drive, so... duh...

But actually it's a nice idea to try to detect what kind of media it is. Something like "if size<10GB, show stick, else show disk"...?